Everyone has to start somewhere…


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred DeVito

Happy March everyone!

With Summer only 4 months away, we all tend to re-evaluate our bodies and where we are physically. This typically happens at the beginning of the year when folks make their New Year’s resolutions, with the most common resolution…lose weight. Whether preparing for a summer vacation or just wanting to become a healthier version of yourself; we all have to start somewhere. One thing’s for sure…fat is not going to magically disappear off your body with no action and what better time than NOW to get moving! So…what are you waiting for?


Stepping out of your comfort zone is hardly easy and that goes across the board. Ever walked into a gym and have absolutely no clue what to do? Or what machine to get on or how it even works? Been there! The gym can be a very intimidating place especially if you are a newbie…and NOTHING is wrong with that! Everyone there was once a beginner and trust me, they are focused on themselves NOT YOU! That was something I had to get over quick when I started my fitness journey.

The best thing to do is to keep it simple. Prior to starting your workout, determine what area of your body you want to focus on. This will help narrow down options so it’s less overwhelming. For cardio, the treadmill is always a great option. It may be a little on the boring side but listening to a dope playlist always does the trick! If you are not comfortable with running, start with a brisk walk…the idea is just to keep moving and increase your heart rate. For starters, 20-30 minutes at a brisk walking pace is sufficient. As your fitness level elevates, you can increase your speed.

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Another great cardio option(one of my favs) is jumping rope. So simple yet so effective and a killer at burning calories! Make sure your jump romp is adjusted to your height and get to jumping! A good 10-15 minutes will get the heart rate going. Try incorporating jumping rope in between your workout to maximize calorie burning.

Want to tone/build muscle? Grab some dumbbells! They’re perfect for targeting the upper and lower body and allows you to focus on one arm or leg at a time. Beginners, try using 5-8 pound weights.  There are various exercises you can perform with dumbbells. Try 3 complete sets of 8-10 reps (exercise of your choice), resting for 45 seconds in between.

Interested in something more creative and fun? Check out some high intensity classes! There are so many to choose from like Zumba, Body Combat and Cycling to name a few. I love participating in these classes; it’s fun yet challenging. Also, a great way to meet and interact with other people that share common interests.


Motivation can be here today and gone tomorrow! You could have all good intentions on waking up at 6:00 A.M. to workout….but you lose the battle to your bed. Or even committed to running a few miles after work…but Happy Hour sounds a hell of a lot better!  Either way, it’s always best to have an accountability partner to keep you in check and remind each other to stay focused on your goals.

What are your fitness goals? Find a partner and start MOVING!

Until next time!


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