Time to make some changes!

“It matters not how long we live, but how.” – Philip James Bailey

 I had a dream last night that caused me to have a crazy epiphany! We all know nothing in life is promised and it’s oh so short…sooo why the hell do we waste precious moments dwelling on insignificant things? Things that won’t even matter in a couple of weeks, months or even years! Why do we continue to hold ourselves back from things we are yearning to do?

I know we hear all the time “Do what makes you happy” or “Follow your dreams”….way easier said than done! Are my dreams going to pay my bills now? Probably not, but WILL pay off in the future if you hustle and want it bad enough. Life is all about taking RISKS. That’s where my struggle comes in…taking risks. Sure, there are things that I’m passionate about and would love to pursue, but how? Where do I start?

fullsizerender-3START NOW

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”, one of my favorite quotes by Gail Devers. It’s so simple yet kind of tough. For some of us, it’s difficult to even attempt to try something because we’re so worried about the outcome (that’s me). However, the key word in the quote is TRY..there’s no harm in trying, right? Obviously change doesn’t happen overnight, but taking initiative will put you one step closer to your dreams. 


Brainstorm and jot down some goals that you want to accomplish for the year. I received “The Happy Planner” as a birthday gift a couple of years ago from my best friend and have been obsessed since! Aside from being a daily planner, it really helps me organize my thoughts and goals. Something about physically writing down your goals makes it seem more tangible. I also implemented a great idea from a friend to list some goals on a mirror as a daily reminder and motivation. Try it out!


One of my goals this year is to create a blog…so here I am! Trying new things and taking risks! It’s also very important to surround yourself with POSITIVITY and like-minded people. We don’t need any Debbie Downers over here…keep that negativity to yourself!

With all that being said, life is short…just go for it! Yes, it’s uncomfortable and a little scary but whatever it is that you want to accomplish it starts with trying.

What goals do you want to accomplish this year, this month, TODAY?


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